Friday, 20 March 2015

To teach or not to teach

A brief one tonight as we've had all sorts of drama here this evening.

Should Shakespeare be taught in schools? I waver on this every time I think about it. On the one hand, as a cultural keystone and national poet it seems ludicrous to leave him off the syllabus. Often school lessons are people's first contact with Shakespeare and it would be a massive shame if the opportunities to discover Shakespeare's work were further diminished. On the other, is sitting in a classroom pouring over text that can be intimidating (to begin with) the best way of introducing the works? Do compulsory exams and lessons put people off?

I used to think there should be a module on Shakespeare that was untested or graded, just a session of appreciation and discussion. Now I realise that would be impractical for many reasons, not least the addition of extra work to already burdened teachers.

What do you think?

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