Sunday, 22 March 2015


I failed! Bah! Yesterday was a loooong day with the kids, and I didn't get round to a blog. Curses!

Tonight's entry is a bit of fun, hopefully. I've been watching the incredible Epic Rap Battles of History channel on YouTube a lot recently. It's self explanatory; Actors and MCs play historical or fictional character who face off in a rap battle. It's very funny, I recommend you check it out. It put me in mind of what Shakespeare characters would battle in a rap. Taking characters from different plays, I present to you now the lyrics of my own Rap Battle....Macbeth Vs is a bit sweary....

Is this a loser that I see here before me?
The dour Dane who feigns insane behaviour in an boring story?
Your Daddy killed but you're not mad you lack gall
It takes three hours before you even start to kill at all.
I'm a killer with a greater fame
Rocking it in Dunsinaine,
Murdered Duncan
Hid my junk and
Malcolm took the blame.
You can't beat me, sit back and watch the show
I'll beat your ass Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

To beat or not to beat you down that is the question
Like Yorick you're a clown, let me give you some direction
You're a joke so scared of ghosts just like a little bitch is
you take career advice from a bunch of freakin' witches.
You have kids killed, what the hell is wrong with you?
Killed your buddy, hands are bloody, still you're destined to lose
Face it Macbeth, you'll never get the best of me
You're in a failing habit, so get thee to a nunnery.

I was a soldier, it was my job to kill and slaughter
How's Ophelia, oh yeah she's six feet underwater.
And your mom, that's right, she's dead, too bad,
let's not forget that your Uncle is your step-dad.
I'm spitting these rhymes
every one is a hit
Like Laertes I'll stab ya with a poisoned tip.

A hit, a hit? You must be jive talking
Is that your wife passing by, sleepwalking?
I died with honour, my revenge was sated
You died on your knees, decapitated.
A tale telling idiot, back stabbing scum
Something stupid this way comes.
I'm done with you, finished,
I'll stop my violence from my lyrics
The rest is silence.

Not great, but you get the idea. Will work on it....maybe.

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